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Container loading calculator is EasyCargo

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Easy to use container loading calculator Enjoy planning

Simple insert the item dimensions and weight

Fill in cargo item sizes fast and at once with total weight and items count. Activate constrains for cargo box. Write product name or identification number right on the box. Finding it in final load plan is much more easy than.

Review container utilization at the top of the screen to review available space and weight capacity. All values are updated as you insert or adjust any parameter.

On right side of the screen you can choose one of standard container types like Container 20ft, Container 40ft or Container 40ft HC. You can create your own cargo space of course.


Create your load plans quickly and effectively Quick and effective load plan creation

Save space and time with EasyCargo loading software

Container loading software is standard in every large company expediting products or ordering parts in large amounts these days. Thanks to EasyCargo even medium size or starting company can take advantage of organizing orders and transportation effectively.

Fully automated algorithm will place cargo items in the container in seconds. Large amount over 10 000 items is calculated within few minutes. Constrains like stacking of items or tilt and no-rotation can be applied. Using priority groups can help you organize order in which cargo should be placed into container.

While the calculation is so fast and input list is on the same screen you can quickly add or remove cargo items from load setup and see how final load plan has improved.

3D Container visualization Interactive load plan view

Cargo item easy visualisation

EasyCargo provides best 3D visualisation on the market. You can fluently explore load plan. Zoom and move around in real time.

"See through function" helps you create print report for every specific part of load plan. Logistic operator or vendor will have clear idea how to place boxes in container.

Click in legend on cargo item or group. Loaded item in the container will be highlighted and easy to be found.

Container loading calculator features

    Cargo items position and rotation adjustments right in load plan.

    • Load as many containers as you want. Share EasyCargo licence with other colleges.
    • Load 10 000 and more items of 250 various types
    • Manual load plan editor included - fine tune your load plan as you wish watch_video_small
    • U.S.(Imperial) - inches, pounds and also
      Metric - centimeters, kilograms can be used for input
    • Organize cargo boxes in to groups to specify what to load first and what to load last
    • Set priority groups as non-stackable or even split groups with "virtual wall"
    • Import from Microsfot Excel sheet (inches or centimeters) and save even more time
    • Limit cargo items to be placed only on top of another. Prevent tilt or rotation of the box.
    • Place description right on the box and find it in load plan faster.
    • Create your own container with specific sizes or use one of present once
      • Container 20ft
      • Container 40ft
      • Container 40ft HC
    • Creating print reports from visualized load plan
    • Saving your load plans on-line and re-using them next time
    • Verifying the accordance with weight allowed limits
    • Step-by-step multi cargo space load plan


Licensing and prices

EasyCargo container loading calculator is web based application. You can run it in any modern web browser on PC with Windows or Mac with OS X. Also you have to be connected to the Internet. For first 10 days after registration you can use EasyCargo with all its features for free. After this period you can chose montly or annual subscription (VAT is not included):

Order now!

EasyCargo license entitles you to:

  •    Use fully functional application within subscribed period.
  •    Licence can be re-assigned to other users within company. Usually one is enough for medium size logistic team.
  •    Unlimited calculations can be processed and unlimited reports can be saved.
  •    Automatic updates and improvements of application every few month
  •    Email or contact form access to customer support

How to order full license?

  • You can use our contact form or sent us an email to:
  • You can also order license right from the application right after your testing period will expire.


License will be activated right after we recive your order. After that, you will receive an email with payment option.

The payment is processed via PayPal secured web page with an option to pay by credit card.


Container loading software EasyCargo

Check out this Container Load Plan in 3D view, that can be shared for free with your clients or vendors.

Why should your company use EasyCargo?

Are you logistic company providing transportation services?

Container loading calculator gives you quick preview of how much containers are required to manage transport of goods, machinery or other equipment. Making guess just based on weight or general volume is not efficient enough. And drawing planes with pencil and paper is history. Create loading reports in seconds and show your client vivid visualisation in 3D. This is the best way to explain transportation expenses.

Delivering your goods all over the world?

Containers are most used way to transport products in long distance all over the world. When planning shipment in containers is always worth to take a while and run the calculation in EasyCargo. See how many items you can fit in. Then consult the order with customer to effectively utilize all the space in container. EasyCargo can now load even up to 25 000 boxes in one container of up to 250 types. Its much more than any load plan may require.

If you would like to organize your items in specific order you can set boxes in different groups. Also other constrains can be applied, like non-tiltable box or non stackable box.

Container loading software saves the money and time!

Ordering product from overseas?

EasyCargo calculator will help you to adjust your order product count. So you will effectively use all the space of shipped container. Or to choose more appropriate one. You can plan the shipment in EasyCargo and share result with your vendor to let him know, how items should be placed in container.