EasyCargo is a container loading calculator

Easy to use container optimization software

User friendly design

Being an online planning tool, EasyCargo saves you the hassle of installing new software. The design is simple, intuitive, and easy to work with. Tutorial videos for getting the most of EasyCargo are available at any time.
Integration via API, MS Excel, SAP - EasyCargo container stuffing software excel

Easy to integrate

Simplify your work even more by integrating our container loading software into your company system. Do you use SAP or MS Excel? Would you like to integrate EasyCargo via API? No problem!
Best visualization - container space calculator

Manual editor

The modern design enables you to interact with boxes in your load plan. If you feel the need to change the position of any box in the calculated container load plan, simply click on it and move it to the desired place.


See 1000+ companies from all over the world optimizing containers in EasyCargo.

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More about the calculator

Easy to use container optimization software

User friendly design

Set loading constraints and description right on the box in EasyCargo container filling software

Adding an item into your container has never been easier! Just click the “Add item” button, insert the dimensions, weight, and quantity, add constraints (don’t rotate, tilt or stack), if any, and that’s it. Your item will appear in the load plan result, along with its description right on the box.

After adding all your items, you’re set to push the “Load” button. Items will be placed in the cargo space within a few seconds. Your load plan is now ready.

EasyCargo offers an extensive library of cargo spaces. However, if you work with a specific one or you’re not happy with our pre-defined spaces, you can create your own cargo space or adjust an existing one.

Watch the video! How to add a cargo item in the load plan calculation?

Integration via API, MS Excel, SAP - EasyCargo container stuffing software excel

Easy to integrate

Integration via MS Excel, SAP or API - container loading software excel

We offer several options to make working with EasyCargo even easier and faster.

The import from an excel file is the easiest one. Simply download our template from the software and enter all the items you want to be loaded. Then, upload this back to EasyCargo. When that’s done, push the “Load” button, and EasyCargo will calculate the final container load plan. You can also export the calculated plan back to excel for further adjustments or for sharing it with colleagues.

The second option is using our API-Interface. It automatically creates a list of load items and a list of cargo spaces and transfers it right into EasyCargo.

The newest possibility is SAP ERP. This integration allows you to transfer all the data about transported goods from SAP directly into EasyCargo. It’s done by the german company status c, and for now, it’s available in German only. However, we’re working on making it available in English as well.

Best visualization - container space calculator

Manual editor

How to rotate a box in EasyCargo to adjust the container load plan

The entire container plan result is shown in an interactive 3D animation. You can rotate or zoom to examine your container in detail.

One of the biggest advantages is the manual editor of the final load plan. This editor enables you to adjust the rotation and position of each box to your liking. You can also use it to create the entire load plan from scratch.

The manual load plan editor works as a Drag (click on a box and move it to the desired place) and Drop (click again to release it to its new place). The auto-snap function will make the placing much easier for you, as it makes sure your newly placed box will be aligned with other boxes in your load calculation.

Watch the video! How to work with the manual editor to adjust the container load plan?

Software features


EasyCargo runs online right in your web browser. Sign up for your free 10-day trial, no credit card required! After the free trial period, you can choose a license that best fits your needs.

Prices are without VAT.

24-hour Ticket

Use EasyCargo for 24 hours. Activate the ticket whenever you want.


One month license for one user. No commitment.


One year license for one user. One-time payment of .
  • One ticket or license can be used by more users form the same company, but not simultaneously.
  • The minimum order quantity for Tickets is 10.
  • Container loading program for educational purposes:
    A class of students (up to 20 users) for the price of 1 license.
    More details about this offer on our page EasyCargo to Schools.
  • Buy 3+ annual licenses and get 30% off:
    If you order a year license for 3 or more users, you will receive a 30% discount from the final price.
  • Make a centralized purchase in the total amount exceeding $2400 and save 30% on the whole order:
    Are you a big enterprise that needs more licenses for multiple users or even branches? Do you require additional documentation such as a quotation or PO? If so, you should read our Enterprise licensing offer!

How to order a license?

Start with watching our video Ordering licenses and tickets, then sign into EasyCargo and click on the button Order more Tickets or Licenses on the Licenses tab.

You can also order licenses via our webshop.


How to pay for my license?

Payment options differ depending on where you make your purchase.

EasyCargo application

  • Payment by debit/credit card via our secured payment gateway from Braintree (for instant license activation)
  • Using your PayPal account (for instant license activation)
  • Via international bank transfer (license activated after payment confirmation)
  • You will receive an invoice for your payment


  • Payment by debit/credit card powered by Shopify
  • Accelerated checkouts Shop Pay and Google Pay for returning customers


What do I get from one EasyCargo license?

Access to a fully functional version for a subscribed period:

  • One license can be shared with other users within your company, as long as only one user is logged in at the same time.
  • Process and save an unlimited number of calculations and reports.
  • Continuous application updates and new functionalities included in the price of any license; all improvements are made online without you even noticing.

If you have a problem or get stuck, you can always ask our technical support for help via email or using the contact form.


Why to use container load planning software in your company

Explore the Container Load Plan interactive example to see how the final optimized load plan looks like.

Who is EasyCargo for?

Are you a provider of transportation services?

EasyCargo will help you to optimize and maximize the use of the container space loading area. Insert the quantity and dimensions of items, push the ‘Load’ button, and watch EasyCargo doing the job for you. Your load plan will be ready in the blink of an eye (usually under one minute, the time depends on how complex your load plan is).

Items can be divided into groups based on their final destination. On top of that, if you enter the weight of items, EasyCargo will verify whether the load on axles is within the legal limits.

Do you transport goods?

The EasyCargo software can create load plans for over 10 000 items of 250 different types. The constraints for each type can be set independently (e.g., do not stack or do not tilt).

Space is money, use EasyCargo!

A load plan result can be printed or shared online with your customers to show the optimal use of space in shipping containers.

Do you order the transportation of material for your business?

EasyCargo will show you how much cargo space you’ll need. Why pay for the whole semitrailer, when one truck can still do the job? Space is money, use EasyCargo!